The Future of the Deep End

Learn about what San Diego’s best cheering section is planning for the future.

Although this was only the Deep End’s first year supporting Albion SC Pros, it’s just a glimpse into what the group will accomplish in the future. Their passion for soccer as well as charity will continue to grow over time, and they know they can help strengthen San Diego’s soccer passion over that period as well. As David Chamberlain, the group’s founding member, states about the Deep End’s future goals, “We want to make soccer more accessible to the public and let them feel like they are part of a growing movement.”

Following the charity event this year in September with Evan Mundine, the Deep End wants to make it an annual event where funds are raised for a different charity every year. They hope events like these can continue to bring the San Diego community closer, and generate more enthusiasm about the game through local functions.

In the immediate future, as President Daryl Biggs states, “We want to grow Albion Pros in San Diego, and we’re always welcoming fans into joining us and looking for people to cheer with us.” The group encourages the local San Diego members to attend soccer games, especially Albion SC Pros, and experience the fun and exciting environment. Over the past few months, they have seen the group steadily increasing in numbers, and hope to soon be large enough so their victory celebrations take over the Pacific Beach Tap Room. Their Albion Pros relationship will only continue to strengthen.

In addition, the Deep End Supporters would like to turn the youth of San Diego into life-long soccer supporters. “Ideally we’re really trying to reach the younger kids and teach them what it means to be an active fan and an active participant,” Biggs says,“because the more fun the kids have, the more likely they are to attend a game and grow up as soccer supporter in San Diego.” The group wants to continue to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, and the cheers and chants are encouraging instead of attacking the other team. As Lucas Oliviera, the group Capo (chant leader) says, “We like to have the kids come up so we can teach them chants or have them lead them with us.” The Deep End knows that the youth is the future of soccer in San Diego, and fostering a positive environment for them to be a part of will encourage participation in the future.

But the group also has a vision beyond the present attendance and youth.The Deep End hopes that eventually the growing support in San Diego will help to encourage the establishment of an MLS team to San Diego. “If we stir up enough noise and make a big enough impression on these leagues and the city, somebody will come along and understand that there’s passion in the area, and we can eventually unite behind one team.” When an MLS team comes to the city of San Diego, they will be the first ones in the stands ready to cheer them on.

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