Chargers 1-8 all time vs. Falcons

The San Diego Chargers travel to the Georgia Dome this Sunday as 6.5 point underdogs following a much-needed 21-13 win over the defending Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos. The Chargers will have a 10 days to prepare for their next opponent the Atlanta Falcons, and they may need every one of those days to prepare.

You may think I say that because the Falcons have the number one ranked offense in the league, well that’s part of it. The real reason is the Chargers have played the Falcons nine times in the franchise’s history, with a record of 1-8. The Chargers vs. Falcons series started in 1973 in San Diego where the Falcons would have their way with the Bolts in a 41-0 win and would then start years of dominance for the Falcons.

The next game was 1979 in San Diego where Atlanta would win 28-26 after Steve Bartkowski threw the game winning touchdown to Wallace Francis. According to pro football reference Barkowski finished that game with 225 yards passing and three touchdowns.

The lone Chargers victory over the Falcons came in 1988 on the road in Atlanta in a 10-7 victory according to Since 1988 the Falcons have won six straight games against vs the San Diego Chargers. The current six game winning streak for the Falcons over the Chargers started with a 13-10 win in 91 and was followed up by a 10-9 victory over the future AFC Champions Chargers in 94.

The 2001 matchup would be an interesting one. The Chargers would play against Michael Vick, who the Falcons drafted with the 2001 #1 overall pick which they got from the Chargers in exchange for the number #5 pick which the Chargers would use to draft the great LaDainian Tomlinson. Tomlinson displayed his great athleticism as he jumped over the linemen on a 1 yd Touchdown run. Michael Vick would eventually lead the Falcons to a 21-20 Victory over San Diego.

Falcons would win the next 2 matchups 22-16 in 2008 and a 27-3 beat down in 2012, giving the Falcons an 8-1 record against the San Diego Chargers with a six game win Streak going into next Sunday. The Falcons have outscored the Chargers 183-97 in the series and are 6-0 at San Diego and 1-2 at Home.

Next Sunday’s matchup features two of the highest scoring offenses in the NFL and will be just the 10th matchup between the teams. The odds are stacked against San Diego just based on the All-Time Series, but the game is in Atlanta where San Diego has their only win against the Falcons.

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