How to win the season by winning the game

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Every great champion, in any sport will tell you one thing: no success came over night. You need to put in work each and every day. You simply cannot build a house by starting with the roof! Long-term goals are important, but they can often be forgotten once the first big struggle is faced. If you want to win your personal season, your life, you need to start by preparing to win every game, every day.

These 5 rules are proven concepts, followed by winners from all over the world, for many decades, in all aspects of life! Get ready to win!

Rule 1: Be confident. If you don´t believe in yourself, how do you expect others to do so? It starts by getting out of bed, knowing that it will be your day, by saying it out loud. Even if you don´t feel like it, the mind can easily be tricked. Tell yourself you are a winner, you are going to kick some serious butt today, and you will feel the energy growing inside of you! Confidence is what separates winners from the rest, the strong believe in yourself and your abilities. You are awesome and NOW is your time to be successful.

Rule 2: Begin every day as if it were on purpose! Positive vibes have an energizing effect on you. Have you ever tried to be angry with a big smile on your face? Impossible to do! Start cutting things out of your life that drag you down. Often it´s a few things that cause the most drama in life. Think about which ones they are, and get rid of them! Then start focusing on you the positive things, and you will start seeing more positive things. Take a second and think about the last time you really wanted something, a car, a new watch, running shoes, whatever. All of the sudden, this item seems to be appearing everywhere around you! The same thing happens when you really want success and fun, you will start seeing opportunities everywhere!

Rule 3: Embrace your superpower!  Today´s world tells you to improve what you are not good at, fix this, change that. Instead, take a step back and look at your personal superpower! What makes you special, how can others benefit from you? In order to understand others, you need to understand yourself first! That can be a difficult task that takes time and honesty. No one said winning would be easy! Once you have found your superpower, use it, and improve it! You will feel fulfilled, powerful, ready to change the world!

Rule 4: Do what makes you great! Think back the last time were on a diet and you cheated with a massive piece of cake. How good was the first bite! Hmmmm… but after you ate it, how did you feel? Tired, heavy, sluggish! Not to mention the scale the next morning! Were the few moments of temporary satisfaction really worth the long-term consequences? Too many people sacrifice their long-term goals for a quick moment of happiness! You always have two choices: Cake and burgers, or lean meat and salad? Keeping up with the Kardashians or reading an inspiring book? Spending $10 or putting it in savings? “Do what makes you happy” will make you happy this moment, but the greatest moments result from you taking chances, they are born out of struggle, and they mean so much more when you had to fight for them.

Rule 5: Get started! All these rules are pointless if you don´t apply them, each and every day, 24/7, 365 days a year! “Good things will come to those who wait” they say. I, personally, have not seen anyone winning a season, winning life, not even winning a minute by sitting on the couch and waiting for the right moment! How many times have you hesitated to take a risk? “The new job sounds like a lot of responsibility, maybe next time”,going abroad for a year is scary, I will wait until next year”, “this girl / guy at the bar looks nice, but I rather wait for the right moment”. Guess what? The right moment will never come.  Whatever you want to achieve, get started and do it! It´s better to start something and struggle than being perfect at waiting! Make mistakes, it´s a sign that you are growing! Learn from them. When we look back at our lives, we hardly ever really regret the things we did. It´s the things we didn´t that will haunt us forever! Stay motivated with these 5 rules and you are prepared to win your season by winning the game!

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