Lilly Trotter: Product Review

Kudos to Lilly Trotter for developing an effective compression sock that does not look or feel like a compression sock.  I am an “older woman” who does not have any particular health issues.  However, I do travel by air often, and stay in shape by walking.  The Lilly Trotter compression socks are easy to pull on and the scalloped tops put a smile on my face every time.  The socks are light enough that I am unaware I am wearing them on flights or on my long walks.  I was somewhat concerned about the dense weave of the socks, fearing they would be too warm.  This did not prove to be true.  The socks stay cool.  I was also concerned about the dreaded “sock droop” which also did not occur.  I checked online to see all the zippy colors and patterns.  I may need to invest in a few pair of this great new product.  Thanks, Lilly Trotter! Click here to get your own set of Lilly Trotters!


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