Chargers Game Day Experience with 5 North Bolt

The Charger left San Diego and went to Los Angeles and left Chargers fans in San Diego to figure out how to go to a game. The popular option was to drive to Carson and pay $100 to park and tailgate. Tickets are already expensive. The bright side is there is a cheaper option. Chargers fan Shawn Grace created his own business named 5 North Bolt, which is dedicated to helping Chargers fans in San Diego travel to the StubHub Center in Carson. The trip cost 75 dollars, 60 dollars if you bring a group. That is a minor price to pay for a day full of fun. I had the pleasure of taking this trip twice and will explain the fun experience of the 5 North Bolt trip.

The trip starts at Old Town Trolley Station and makes 2 stops at Oceanside and the Hooters in Costa Mesa before reaching the final destination, the StubHub Center in Carson.

As we hit the road from Old Town, Shawn started serving up drinks and snacks to everyone. The drink and snacks options included Craft Beers, Light Beers, Bloody Marys, Juice, VitaRain, Soda, Water, Chips, crackers, granola bars, and Mimosas. The Bus has a movie play during the trip. The Eagles game, the movie was the Chargers History, Bills game was the history of the 2 Minute Drill. While drinks are served and the movie is playing, Charger fans are talking and laughing and having a good time and before you know it we reach Oceanside. Bus stops to pick up more fans before getting back on the road to Costa Mesa.

During the ride, Shawn sells raffle tickets for chances to win cool prizes. Some example of the prizes are a Philip Rivers jersey, Charger gear, Charger foam Bolt, 5 North Bolt gear, and Shawn even threw in a free trip on his bus for the next game. As we arrive at the Costa Mesa Hooters, ever gets a chance to use the restroom, and then Shawn does the raffle drawing. After the raffle, we all take a group photo and head back into the bus for the final destination in Carson.

After a fun bus ride of Movies, drinks, Chargers Family, Raffles, and Fun, we finally arrived in Carson at StubHub. The buses drop us off at the Front entrance, and then we all walk to Silver Lot 11 where an awesome tailgate group awaits.

That tailgate group being Thunder Alley. Thunder Alley is a combination of Bolt Pride, Die Hard Bolt Club, and LA Fans coming together to create a fun and loving experience for the fans, something the Chargers organization fails to do with its fan base. Shawn sets up his 5 North Bolt Tailgate in Thunder Alley and the food doesn’t disappoint. The Eagles game, we had Philly Cheese Steaks (my favorite food of all-time, along with the Cali Burrito), the Bills game we had Burger Sliders, Chicken Sandwich sliders, salad, and Buffalo Wings all from Hooters. After tailgating its time to head into the game. Eagles game was miserable as the Chargers fell 26-24. The Bills game on the other hand, WOW! Chargers force 6 turnovers in a 54-24 beatdown of Buffalo. It’s obvious which game had the better bus ride home.

After the game, we all meet at gate E in the parking lot to load up and head back home. On the way home from the Buffalo game, I had the opportunity to interview Peggy Baker who was riding the bus for the 1st time. I asked her if she enjoyed the trip and said Yes and also said she would do it all again. When asked if she thought the price was reasonable, she replied: “Definitely, especially when you add all the food and drinks”. Peggy’s favorite part of the trip is that “everything was included”, by that she meant you had a ride to the game, tailgate included, drinks and fun on the bus, and all you Charger fans.

The 5 North Bolt experience is definitely one I recommend if you want to travel to see the Chargers play. Shawn says he is also in the process of taking the bus to other events such as hockey, concerts, and other sports events. But for now, he is focused on helping the Charger fans that love to travel to see the team. So which would you choose, drive to LA and pay for $100 parking, or pay 75 dollars to ride a bus, drink, tailgate, and talk with Chargers fans for a couple hours?

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