Sockers Crush Fury 8-0 in Record Setting Fashion.

The San Diego Sockers carried their 3-0 record back into Valley View Casino Center, but this time they would face the hated rival Ontario Fury. The last time the Sockers and Fury met, it was in the playoffs with the Sockers winning the minnie game 1-0 to eliminate the Fury. This time around, the matchup was a regular season game with 4-0 on the line for the Sockers. Lets get into this historic game and see who made history.

The Sockers came out firing to start the 1st quarter, having multiple shots hit the cross bar. The Socker were unable to find the back of the net but they would get some help when the Fury committed a holding penalty by Israel Sesay to draw a blue card with 8:10 left in the 1st to put the Sockers on the power play. Kraig Chiles took advantage and scored the games first goal on a power play goal with 6:26 left in the 1st to give the Sockers a 1-0 lead. Matt Clare credited with the assist on Chiles’ 10th goal of the season. The Fury almost tied the game on a shot that got passed Chris Toth but Toth was able to fall backwards on the ball just before the ball could cross the goal line. Fury followed with a shot off the cross bar, but failing to find the back of the net. The Sockers ended the 1st quarter up 1-0.

The Fury created multiple chances to scores to start the 2nd quarter. A Fury show when past Toth again but Toth able to dive on the ball again. A minute later the Fury had a wide open shot for a goal but they missed the net wide right. The Fury were dominating the 2nd quarter but had nothing to show for it. Despite having very little possesion time, the Sockers doubled their lead deep into the 2nd quarter on a Max Toulette Goal assisted by Luan Oliveira to give the Sockers a 2-0 lead with 5:05 left in the 2nd. After scoring the goal Toulette ran into the stands with a ball to give it to a special fan. Both goalies exchanged great saves and the Sockers had a chance to add to their lead with 3 second left in the half but the fury blocked the shot. The Sockers head into halftime up 2-0.

The Sockers coming out after halftime looking to maintain the shut out and 5 minutes they had some help. The Sockers found themselves on the power play for the 2nd time in the game with a Fury blue card. San Diego compitalized with a Luan Oliveira power play goal off a John Sosa assist. Socker led 3-0 with 9:44 left in the 3rd. Sockers wasted no time finding the net again, this time Matt Clare with the assist from Erick Tovar to imcrease the Sockers lead to 4-0 with 8:06 left in the 3rd. Toth continued to make great save after great save. The Fury got close but they were still unsuccessful on scoring a goal as the 3rd quarter ended with the Sockers up 4-0 with the shutout still alive.

With San Diego starting the 4th quarter trying to keep a shut out, Ontario had a great chance to end the shutout with a shot that just went wide right and the Sockers shut out was still alive. San Diego would miss three shots off the post following the Fury miss. The Sockers later found themselves on the power play again with 11:20 left in the 4th. San Diego score its 3rd power play goal of the game as Luan Oliveira scored 2nd goal of the night off a rebound to increase the Sockers lead to 5-0 10:19 left in the 4th. The Sockers 5th goal of the game gave all fans in the stands 5 free wings at Hooters. Following the goal, the Fury found themselves in trouble again with a 2 minute pushing penalty to put the Sockers on the power play for the 4th time of the game. The Sockers scored their 4th power play goal as Matt Clare scored his 2nd goal of the game, assisted by Kraig Chiles. San Diego led 6-0 9:10 left in the 4th. With 5 minutes left in the 4th, the focus started to shift towards a shut out. But while everyone was thinkin shut out, Erick Tovar was thinking goal and he would find the back of the net off a Felipe Gonzales assist to give San Diego a 7-0 lead, 4:41 left in the 4th. The Fury missed another shot off the crossbar following the Sockers goal and with the game in hand, the only story line left was the shut out. The Sockers increaased their lead to 8-0 as Matt Clare completed the hat trick with his 3rd goal of the game, assisted by Hiram Ruiz. With 1:20 left in the game, Chris Toth left the goal to make a save, but missed and the Fury had a chance to end the shut out, but Contreras came from.behind for the steal as the Sockers complete the shutout for an 8-0 win.

The Socker improve to 4-0 with Chris Toth’s first shutout and first in Sockers MASL era. Matt clare and Chris Toth earn San Diego Sports Domination Co-MVPs of the game, and their performances which earned them a spot on the MASL team of the week. Matt Clare 3 goals 1 assist, Chris Toth 16 saves and 1st career shutout. The Sockers next game will be Friday December 1st in Tacoma.

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