Sockers Ride Dark Side to Victory on Star Wars Night

Kraig Chiles interacting with the crowd following a San Diego Sockers game. Mandatory Photo Credit: David Frerker

Riding a 6-0 record, the San Diego Sockers faced the Turlock Express in San Diego on Star Wars night. Fans were given blow up light sabers and Sockers players came out wearing storm trooper masks with the Star Wars theme playing during player introductions. Personally, my first thought was, Storm Troopers always miss, so I was hoping that wearing the Trooper masks wouldn’t rub off on the Sockers and result in a loss. Did the mask result in a bunch of missed shots and a loss? Lets get into the game and see.

The first quarter was all Sockers. San Diego controlled the ball almost the entire quarter and had a lot of great shots. A lot of the shots hit off the crossbar. Despite the Sockers out shooting Turlock 10-0 in Shots on Goal, the 1st quarter ended 0-0, with the curse of the Trooper starting to become real.

Ray Contrera scoring the first goal of the match. December 17th, 2017. Photo Credit David Frerker.

The Sockers finally drew first blood as Ray Contrera scored on a Kraig Chiles assist to give San Diego a 1-0 lead in the 2nd. San Diego later doubled their lead as Anthony Medina scored off a Luan Oliveira assist. Sockers led 2-0 with 9:35 left in the 2nd quarter. Sockers started running away with the game as Luan Oliveira picked up his second assist on a goal scored by the Legend Kraig Chiles. San Diego increased its lead to 3-0 with 6:18 left in the 2nd. Sockers dominated the 2nd quarter, leading shots on goal 8-4 in the quarter, 18-4 in the game. San Diego led 3-0 at halftime, leaving Boris Pardo with a chance to even Chris Toth for shut outs on the season (and career for that matter).

Matt Clare celebrating his goal. December 17th, 2017. Photo Credit David Frerker.

Right when the third quarter began, Turlock ended any hope of a Pardo shut out as Ivan Campos scored on a Adrian Guitierrez assist. Sockers led 3-1 with 13:08 left in the third. Sockers answered back 2 minutes later as Matt Clare scored on a Luis Ortega assist to bring their lead to 4-1 with 11:08 left in the third. Sockers scored again one minute later as Erick Tovar scored on a Kraig Chile assist. Sockers led 5-1 with 10:06 left in the 3rd. Matt Clare picked up a blue card to give Turlock a Power Play and a goal kick. Turlock capitalized as Ivan Campos scored his second goal of the match. Sockers led 5-2 with 4:54 left in the 3rd. Turlock played the Sockers close in the 3rd quarter, but San Diego had the advantage 7-5 with shots on goal in the quarter. Sockers led 5-2 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Anthony Medina celebrating his goal. December 17th, 2017. Photo Credit David Frerker.

Sockers started the 4th quarter with a couple of goals to give 2 San Diego players a multi goal game. Erick Tovar scored on a Matt Clare assist for his 2nd goal of the game. Anthony Medina followed with his 2nd goal of the game off of Luis Ortega’s 2nd assist of the game. Sockers led 7-2 with 10:06 left in the game. Luan Oliveira picked up his 3rd assist of the game as Felipe Scored an opposite corner goal to give San Diego an 8-2 lead. Erick Tovar capped off the scoring with his 3rd goal of the game for a hat trick as the Sockers avoid the Storm Trooper curse and Win 9-2.

San Diego Sports Domination Player of the Match Erick Tovar signing autographs following the Sockers Victory. December 17th, 2017. Photo Credit David Frerker.

San Diego improved to 7-0 with the win in front of a crowd of 3240. The San Diego Sports Domination player of the game goes to Erick Tovar who scored a hat trick in the win. The Sockers next game will be December 22nd at Ontario.

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