Prime Sports Student Athlete Spotlight: Chance Cannon

San Diego is one of the best cities in the country when it comes to football talent. For our first edition of Prime Sports Student Athlete Spotlight we have the pleasure of covering a bright young man named Chance Cannon. Chance is currently a Senior at Sierra High School located in Tierrasanta. The starting Defensive Back and Slot Wide Receiver for Serra’s Varsity Football team had a very productive year on both sides of the ball.

At 6 foot and 198 pounds, the Senior totaled 5 rushes for 23 yards, 35 receptions for 451 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns on the offensive side of the ball. Cannon was also a beast on the defensive side of the ball with totals of 75 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 4 quarterback hurries and 4 passes defended. The Dual threat football player was recognized for his performance on the field during the season with a nomination for Maxpreps/USAfootball player of the week, in which he totaled 20 tackles that week. Number 9 for the Conquistadors had such a great season that he was 1 of 2 Serra players, and apart of roughly 35 San Diego County High School football players to represent SDFNL’s San Diego All Star High School football team vs Oakland’s High School football all stars. We were able to catch up with Chance and ask him a few questions.

“First of all congratulations on a great season and taking the time to answer a few questions for us. How does it feel knowing you were selected to play for the San Diego All Stars?”

“Anytime, Thank you for having me. But it feels great to be chosen for the game knowing I can put the pads on one more time and rep my city.”

“So going into this game what do you expect from the Oakland team?”

“I expect the Oakland team to come out and try and pound the ball down the field with their big guys in front and take their time trying to manage the game.”

“What do you think they should expect from the San Diego?”

“We are going to come out mean, fast and hungry like some dogs because they in our house.”

Let me tell you, Chance was a 100 percent correct. The All Star game between San Diego was a dog fight from the very beginning. After coming out strong, San Diego led 21-7 at halftime. In the first half Chance Cannon number 41 for San Diego rocking his Serra High School helmet, he totaled 7 tackles and allowed 0 catches. Unfortunately Chance suffered an injury on the last play of the first half and was forced to sit out the 2nd half and watch his team play. The second half was just as entertaining and intense as the first half was but ultimately Oakland mounted an amazing comeback and went on to win 29-21. Chance had a great performance in the 1st half helping shut down Oakland’s pass attack and put his nose down and stopping the run. After the game we met with chance again.

“So the game was chippy from the get go. On the first play of the game a fight broke out and both teams had to be separated. That intensity and emotion didn’t stop there. What was it like for you knowing this game was going to be a dogfight all the way through?”

“We were prepared for civil war, this game was never gonna come easy so everything we worked on in practice had to be executed to perfection when it was game time.”

“You had a great game recording 7 tackles and 0 catches allowed. What was your mindset going I to this game and how were you able to be so effective on defense?”

“I played with a chip on my soldier the size of a whale because of that opening kickoff brawl and I just refused to lose to any man in front me so I made sure I was in good position and knew my assignments every play.”

“Unfortunately after being ahead at halftime 21-7, Oakland came back and ended up winning 29-21. What were your emotions knowing Oakland completely dominated the 2nd half and completed the come back to win?”

“I was going crazy the second half knowing that I could help my team out there where they needed it but I was injured. Oakland just outplayed us tho and that’s what it came out to.”

“And finally explain this experience for you and what it mean to be apart of such a great event?”

“This game was definitely the greatest experience I’ve had in football. The coaches were amazing and seeing all my friends and playing with them one last time was a memorable experience.”

“So one last question because I’m curious and I think everybody would like to know. Football runs in your family and the most current one that comes to mind is your older cousin Sergio Bailey, who plays wide receiver at the University of Eastern Michigan. He just wrapped up his senior year and he had a great season. So my question is this, could you lock down your cousin 1 on 1?”

“Without a doubt, he’s having no catches on me.”

“Haha well I’m sure we would all like to see that matchup. Thanks again for taking the time to answer a few questions and good luck!”

“No problem thanks for having me.”

Chance had one last opportunity to showcase his skills alongside some of the young stars of San Diego and against some of the best of Oakland. He did just that with a nice performance in the 1st half before being injured. There’s no question the talent is there and we caught up with Serra High School’s Varsity Wide Receiver coach Adam Harris, who had the pleasure of coaching him in his last season.

“So when you first Chance play what was it that stuck out to you?”

“He’s a hard hitter, he’s aggressive, has good hands and decent speed. He can’t beat me haha.”

“What is it that makes Chance the player he is?”

“He was a playmaker that was always around the ball. As a slot receiver, he lived in the middle of the field and made many tough catches in traffic and converted a lot of 3rd downs.”

“What kind of a football player and young man is he?”

“Chance is a good football player because of his natural abilities and his love for the game. He carries himself with a swagger and confidence that his teammates feed off of.”

“I can tell he’s someone that people want to play with and by the sound of it, a player that would be a pleasure to coach. Thanks for your time coach and hope to hear from you soon.”

“No a problem we’ll set something up, thanks.”

His teammates, his coaches and his family have shown Chance a lot of love and support and Chance shows that all the hard work that is put in pays off on the field. Chance is a do it all player. Plays offense, defense and special teams. He has all the qualities you want in a football player, he’s athletic, can catch, can run, can tackle, can cover and is a very willing blocker. Chance definitely has all the tools to be a star. Chance told us he hopes to play at a D1 school after his senior year at Sierra ends. We hope Chance finds nothing but success in school and in football, as it is clear that his talent and character can take him as far as he wants to go.

Below is a link to Chance Cannon’s highlight reel.

Thank you to Hudl for the amazing video.

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