Happy Birthday Phil: The Greatest Chargers Quarterback

As Philip Rivers wakes up on his 37th birthday, he finds himself with many things to be proud of including his wife, Tiffany, and his soon-to-be nine children. On the field, Rivers can be proud of the fact that he is already the greatest Chargers quarterback of all-time, and also one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

In his 13th season as a starter, Rivers already ranks 1st in every statistical passing category in franchise history, except for interceptions. He has also represented his team seven times in the annual NFL Pro-Bowl. For perspective, former Charger and Hall of Fame quarterback, Dan Fouts ranks as a distant second in most of these statistics over the course of his 15-year career.

Even when not grading on the curve of his franchise, Rivers’ numbers still stack up with the greatest quarterbacks ever. He currently finds himself in the top ten of career passing yards, passing touchdowns, completions, completion percentage and passer rating. One can only imagine what these number would look like had he not sat behind future HOF’er Drew Brees during his first two seasons.

One of the main knocks on Philip Rivers, besides playoff success, is that he can be a “gunslinger” and takes too many chances, but thats not the case. If you look at his numbers, he has a 2.5 percent interception rate better than Dan Marino, Peyton Manning and Joe Montana.

Although this might seem like this is a man currently on his way out, at the ripe age of 37, he is currently playing the best football of his career. Through 12 games this season Rivers has already thrown for 3,418 yards, 28 touchdowns and only six interceptions.

His 115.7 passer rating has him only behind Brees and Patrick Mahomes, amongst quarterbacks who have played multiple games. He even set an NFL record of his own this season when he started a game against the Cardinals where he completed his first 25 passes in a row.

At this point in his career, Rivers doesn’t care about any regular season statistics and has admitted to wanting a Super Bowl victory over a Gold Jacket. In many ways, he has been held back by an organization that has failed to give him a supporting cast, and constantly finds themselves in turmoil. All of that being said, Philip Rivers finds himself playing extremely well with a team that has a chance to give him the deep playoff run that he has always deserved.

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