Fleet Conference Call: Mike Martz and Mike Bercovici

Football season is not over. Wives, girlfriends and significant others everywhere will have to deal with their partners being couch-ridden, eyes glued to the T.V. for another ten weeks.

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) begins its inaugural season on Saturday, and once again, San Diego will have a professional football team.

The San Diego Fleet kickoff Saturday, February 9th, against the San Antonio Commanders. The Fleet have already dealt with adversity, losing their starting quarterback (Josh Johnson) to the NFL, running back (Bishop Sankey) to injury and offensive coordinator (Jon Kitna) to the Cowboys.

On Wednesday I was able to talk with Head Coach Mike Martz and starting quarterback Mike Bercovici during the teams assembled media conference call to discuss the teams first game.

Martz on the difference between the AAF and other start-ups in the past: “Better coaches and better players, and we’ve had five weeks with them to get them ready. Those teams had camps for two or three weeks, or whatever it was, then they started playing. The talent level is better, both with the assistant coaches and of course with the players too. I think its a better level of football.”

On the Transition from Jon Kitna to Mike DeBord “The transition was good because Mike was familiar with this offense we ran with Chicago for two years. The transition worked because he has history and everything. So it was good. The morning Jon left, Mike was here that afternoon.”

On who could replace Bishop Sankey “Terrell Watson has really stepped up and took a big role for us in the scrimmage. Of course, he’s a 230lb back that’s physical with great speed, and he’s a lot more than what I thought he was. He’s certainly got our attention, and I expect that [he’ll] see quite a bit of action, and be someone that we lean on.”

Bercovici on how excited he is for this opportunity:
“It’s pretty amazing to think with the highs and lows that happened in the NFL for me that I could be leading the team out of the tunnel as a starter, and the face of a program… it’s an incredible feeling. I think the biggest thing is I want to be able to see how much I can impact my teammates, coaches and this entire city over the next, what is it? Two months. You know sometimes I feel like I don’t even know how this opportunity truly happened in such a short amount of time.”

On Mike Martz’ offense- “The offense is great, I mean its a quarterbacks dream if you want to throw the ball down the field, and throw a lot of touchdowns and have a great offensive line. We’re doing a great job communicating and we have some great coaches, it’s gonna be fun.”

The Fleet game this Saturday will begin at 5 PM PT and will be televised on CBS. Don’t miss out on your chance to jump on the bandwagon for the first ever AAF game.

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