Pechanga Arena SD — Crazy, insane, nuts, nutty, wacky, psycho, bonkers…

All of those words could describe the Philadelphia Wings against the San Diego Seals on Saturday, March 16 at the Pechanga Arena San Diego in front of 7,606 stunned, vocal fans.

“Dangerous” Dan Dawson moved into the third place all-time on the NLL assist list. He also, just flat out carried the team to a 13-11 Seals (7-4) victory, scoring five goals on the night. Philadelphia (2-10) had the lead with five minutes to go, only to cough it up.

Dan Dawson scoring one of his five goals on the night. Mandatory Photo Credit: San Diego Sports Domination CEO David Frerker


The Seals pulled out quickly with a pair of goals in the opening four minutes. Philadelphia challenged the second goal by Turner Evans claiming that Evans was in the crease. IT was ruled that he was not, and the goal counted. Less than 30 seconds later, the Wings got on the board with a Kevin Crowley goal. “Dawson got on the scoresheet for the first time when he got the ball in the high slot. The veteran snipped the ball into the lower right corner for his 13th goal of the season. Two Philadelphia goals were scored to close out the quarter with the score all knotted up at three.

Coincidental roughing minors were called just 16 seconds into the second quarter. Two minutes later, the Wings were called for checking from behind putting the Seals on the power play. Dawson cashed in on the opportunity just 12 seconds into the advantage. Just about five minutes later, he scored his third goal. Dawson got the ball off a missed shot from Garrett Billings (with one of his seven assists) and as he was jumping up, so did the goalie. So, Dan bounced the ball into the net through the goalie’s legs. The Wings challenged this goal as well, saying that Dawson shot the ball after the shot clock had expired. Replays showed that the ball was in the goal with 1 still on the shot clock. “Wonder Boy” Austin Staats scored on the ensuing power play just 46 seconds in. Late in the quarter, Kyle “Bucky” Buchanan scored his 16th goal of the season from Jackson and Tor Reinholdt assists to give the home squad a 7-4 lead at the break.

San Diego Seals GK Frank Scigliano prepares mentally for the 2nd half. Mandatory Photo Credit: San Diego Sports Domination CEO David Frerker

Then the third quarter happened.

In that 15-minute stretch Philly scored four times to take a 8-7 lead. The final goal of the quarter occurred at 11:52, Matthew Bennett (who was just signed by Philadelphia earlier in the week) scored as he was alone on Frank Scigliano after getting a breakout pass from Doug Buchan.

The fourth quarter started the same way that the third ended with the Wings scoring two more goals to make it a 6-0 run and a 10-7 lead.

It was with 4:55 that literally all Hell broke loose at the PASD.

First it was Casey Jackson scored to bring SD within two. Then the Dangerous one said, “Hold my beer.” He scored two goals to tie the game in 100 seconds, his fourth and fifth goals of the evening. Jackson scored his hat trick goal 30 seconds after Dan tied the game to bring the crowd to full voice. Josh Currier of Philadelphia wasn’t going to let this game get away from the Wings without a fight. Currier scored a goal with just 98 seconds remaining to re-tie the game. The Wonder Boy scored 26 seconds later to give the lead back to SD.

Austin Staats celebrates his goal that gave the Seals the lead. Mandatory Photo Credit: San Diego Sports Domination CEO David Frerker

With the secondary assist on the goal Dawson moved into the top three all-time. Evans scored his second goal of the night with only 27 seconds left.

The Seals will have to calm down after the exciting finish to this game, as they will host Saskatchewan on Friday (Mar. 22) at 7:05 at Pechanga Arena San Diego.

Game Notes: The Seals are now 1-1 in specialty uniforms… Philadelphia’s Kevin Crowley registered three assists on the night, moving him to within one assist of reaching 300 for his career… San Diego moves into first place by themselves after Saskatchewan lost in overtime… The Seals are now 6-1 when leading at halftime, Philadelphia drops to 0-8 when trailing at half.

1st Quarter Recap: Shots: PHI — 15, SD — 11.
3:26 — SD: Jackson (18) (Staats 21, Holding) 1-0 SD
3:48 — SD: Evans (11) (Billings 28) 2-0 SD  PHI Challenged, Call Stands
4:14 — PHI: Crowley (19) (Matisz 35, Currier 16) 2-1 SD
6:33 — PHI PEN: Baptiste (Bench minor – Illegal sub.) 2:00
10:20 — SD: D. Dawson (13) (Kelly 2, Buchanan 24) 3-1 SD
11:29 — PHI: Currier (19) (Matisz 36) 3-2 SD
14:22 — PHI: Matisz (18) (Crowley 21) 3-3

2nd Quarter Recap: Shots: PHI — (10/25), SD — (11/22).
0:16 — SD PEN: Hartzell (Roughing) 2:00
0:16 — PHI PEN: Patten (Roughing) 2:00
2:56 — PHI PEN: Wagner (Checking behind) 2:00
3:08 — SD: D. Dawson (14, 2nd) (Staats 22) PP 4-3 SD
7:50 — SD: D. Dawson (15, 3rd) (Billings 29, Evans 18) 5-3 SD  PHI Challenged, Call Stands
7:50 — PHI PEN: Baptiste (Bench Delay of Game) 2:00
8:36 — SD: Staats (26) (Billings 30) PP 6-3 SD
10:05 — PHI: Currier (20) (Hall 30) 6-4 SD
12:07 — SD: Buchanan (16) (Jackson 11, Reinholdt 8) 7-4 SD
12:21 — SD PEN: Merrill (Holding the stick) 2:00

3rd Quarter Recap: Shorts: PHI — (10/35), SD — (11/33).
4:38 — PHI: Matisz (19, 2nd) (Crowley 22) 7-5 SD
5:10 — PHI: Rambo (13) (Crowley 23) 7-6 SD
5:48 — SD PEN: Hartzell (Holding) 2:00
6:02 — PHI: Crowley (19) (Riorden 17, Hall 31) 7-7
11:52 — PHI: Bennett (2) (Buchan 4) 8-7 PHI

4th Quarter Recap: Shorts: PHI — (10/45), SD — (21/54).
1:53 — PHI: Crowley (20) (Hall 32, Currier 18) 9-7 PHI
2:22 — PHI: Guterding (2) (Matisz 37, Currier 19) 10-7 PHI
9:46 — PHI PEN: Crowley (Body check) 2:00
10:05 — SD: Jackson (19, 2nd) (Billings 30) PP 10-8 PHI
10:47 — SD: D. Dawson (16, 4th) (Buchanan 25) 10-9 PHI
12:27 — SD: D. Dawson (17, 5th) (Billings 31) 10-10
12:57 — SD: Jackson (20, 3rd) (Evans 19, Billings 32) 11-10 SD
13:22 — PHI: Currier (21, 2nd) (Rambo 12) 11-11  SD Challanged, Call stands
13:48 — SD: Staats (26, 2nd) (Jackson 13, D. Dawson 31) 12-11 SD
14:33 — SD: Evans (12, 2nd) (Staats 23) 13-11 SD

Power Play: PHI — 1-2, SD 3-4.
San Diego Sports Domination Player of the Game: “Dangerous” Dan Dawson (5g, 2a).

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