Q&A with San Diego Seals #11 Mark Glicini

Question and Answer with #11 Mark Glicini
By Ross McLoughlin
Co-Host of SealSplash Podcast
Photo by John Mathew Harrison

Mark Glicini is averaging 5.2 loose balls and 1 caused turnover per game in the National Lacrosse League, for the San Diego Seals in his Rookie Season. In the Premier Lacrosse League he played for the Chaos Lacrosse Club last season he had 2 goals and 3 assists and 6 caused turnovers, along with numerous shots he soaked up with his body stopping potential goals. 

RM: When did you discover box lacrosse, when did you start playing Lacrosse and was it your first sport of choice?

Glicini: I discovered box lacrosse a few years back. Although I knew of the sport and had teammates who grew up playing it, my deep dive into its specifics didn’t start until after I graduated from Yale. I began to imagine myself playing it and trying out for the NLL once Joe Tsai, former Yale graduate, became the owner of the San Diego Seals. 

I started playing outdoor field lacrosse as a 5th grader. Before that, I played baseball in the Spring, soccer and football in the Fall, and basketball in the Winter. I played almost every sport throughout my childhood, except ice hockey, which is my favorite sport to watch nowadays. 

RM:What has been the most rewarding part of Lacrosse and the least rewarding?

Glicini: The relationships and friendships I’ve developed over the years is the most rewarding part of lacrosse. I would argue the sport has the best network of individuals who understand and embody characteristics such as empathy, perseverance and sacrifice. 

I wish the sport (lacrosse) received more attention so more people could see and feel its ability to entertain and to inspire. 


RM:San Diego, how has that experience been? How is it different than in Morristown NJ? 

Glicini: It’s hard to beat a place that is almost always warm and sunny. On top of the great weather, San Diego has amazing beaches, mountains/trails to hike, and places to explore. I loved my time out there! 

Northern New Jersey will always be home, however. My family and closest relationships are in the Garden State, so I’ll always return to Jersey. 


RM:You played with both Connor Fields and Brodie Merrill for the PLL Chaos lacrosse club, were either of them important in your decision on playing box lacrosse for the Seals? 

Glicini: Both Connor and Brodie made the opportunity to try out for San Diego more appealing. I have so much respect for both of them. It’s been awesome getting to know and becoming closer with Connor. Brodie has turned out to be one of my best friends in all of pro sports — I can’t thank him enough for his mentorship and friendship. People know Brodie as a phenomenal player and leader in our sport, but I believe he is one of the kindest individuals on the planet. 


RM: As a rookie and new to box Lacrosse what differences have you noticed about Box vs Field?


(1) Constant physicality

(2) Two-man-game / pick play

(3) Loose balls off the boards 


RM: I understand you have suffered a major injury in the past, what can you tell us about that?

Glicini: I’ve had my fair share of injuries but I’m grateful for each one. They have provided me with better perspective and allowed me to grow far beyond what I could have without them. I’m obsessed with training, practicing, and playing because I know what it feels like to be away from lacrosse due to those injuries. 


RM: Do you have a nickname or nicknames? What is your favorite to be called?

Glicini: My childhood nickname was “Hammer.” My best friends from home still call me that. Very few people I am close refer to me as “Mark.” From high school and beyond, my nickname has been “Glic” (pronounced ‘glick’). 


RM: The Seal fan base… probably the most supportive in the NLL… do you have a special pride to play in front of them?

Glicini: Of course! Words like commitment, loyalty, and love run deep within me. It’s been a privilege to join the San Diego Seals Family and play in front of such enthusiastic, loud, and supportive fans. I’d do anything for family. 


RM: Which team, if any, is one you would consider, a rival? Which team is your favorite to face? 

Glicini: The next one. 


RM: Are you actively coaching or mentoring the youth?

Glicini:I run my own Peak Performance business, which allows me to work with high-level high school, college, professional, and Olympic athletes, as well as adult professionals. Showing individuals and teams how to reach their potential is a calling, not just a job. 

With that said, I love to energize and mentor young boys and girls in school, sports, and beyond. Every kid deserves a great coach who instills a love for the game and an unwavering self-belief. 


RM: If there was one thing you could share about lacrosse that you think would inspire a child to be the next Mark Glicini what is it?

Glicini: Passion. Curiosity. Grit. 

Every person has something he or she loves to do and would eagerly invest his or her time developing. Once that is found, he or she must remain a “student of the game,” forever. The moment he or she believes he or she arrived, losing follows suit.

“Emulate until you can innovate” is a phrase I love to repeat. Master the basics and then make it your own. 

Lastly, there will always be walls that test one’s true desire and dedication. When an individual comes in contact with those walls of adversity, he or she must display grit. Commitment, especially during times of frustration or hardship, must overshadow one’s feelings. 

“No pressure, no diamonds.” – Thomas Carlyle


I would like to thank Mark Glicini for answering these questions for us, and giving us a bit of the insight into the Lacrosse world. It’s been a pleasure to watch you play your game and share it with San Diego, and I look forward to many more seasons. I think we can all say we are ready to see you on the field or in the box when our current circumstances get back to normal.

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