NLL 2020 Rookie of the year, Can the San Diego Seals pull off a Rookie Repeat?

San Diego has had professional sports for Roughly 60+ years, and in all that time between the leagues has only had a handful of Rookie of the year winners, Benito Santiago with the Padres, Austin Staats with the Seals. Terry Cummings with the Clippers, Don Woods with the Chargers. 

The San Diego Seals could pull off a very rare Rookie Repeat having back to back rookie of the year winners. In a city that is now missing a NBA franchise, a NFL franchise and a NHL Franchise.  In only its second year of existence, the NLL San Diego Seals, could pull it off.

In the Covid19 shortened season the stats are very close. But that is the nature of Box Lacrosse games are often won or lost by a matter of 1/10ths of a second and millimeters after 60 minutes of play. So it is only fitting that the NLL rookie of the Year Candidates should be close in stats also.

San Diego Seals Rookie Connor Fields takes a shot on goal. Mandatory Photo Credit: David Frerker

The NLL listed candidates for Rookie of the year, in no particular order, Forward Tyson Gibson NY Riptide, Forward Connor Fields SD Seals, Forward Andrew Kew NE Blackwolves.

I have collected all the +- totals for all involved and noted their positions. A high positive number is good for offense, and a Low negative number is good for defense. I also included a per game played stat for each player because some have played an unequal number of games to level the playing field. 


Forward Tyson Gibson NY Riptide

+27 offense 12 games played, 16 goals, 27 assists, 43 points, 52 looseballs (+.5 Tied for rookie led) Per game 2.25 offense, 1.33 goals, 2.25 assists, 3.58 points, 4.33 looseballs.


Forward Connor Fields SD Seals

+49 offense 12 games played, 18 goals, 26 assists, 44 points, 73 looseballs  (+3 leeding all rookies ) Per game 4.08 offense, 1.5 goals, 2.16 assists, 3.67 points, 6.08 looseballs


Forward Andrew Kew NE Blackwolves

+42 offense  10 games played, 15 goals, 27 assists, 42 points, 57 loose balls (+.5 Tied for rookie led) Per game 4.2 offense, 1.5 goals, 2.7 assists, 4.2 points, 5.7 loose balls 

Not taking away from Tyson Gibson or Andrew Kew who both had very good years also. Connor Fields played every game of the shortened season unlike Kew who scratched the first 2 games of the Blackwolves season. Connor Fields also played on a above .500% team unlike Tyson Gibson’s team that won ONE game.

My pick, based on purely Offensive Stats you have to give it to Connor Fields. It’s not even close, The fact that with Fields on the playing surface gives your team an advantage in looseballs along with unselfish play, and a super humble guy and still manages to score a lot. It’s going to be fun to see who wins this award. All three are deserving in the shortened season and they all could be chozen. But I think the Rookie Repeat should happen.

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