A win in Denver puts the Seals on the Map this Year.

The San Diego Seals showed signs of Greatness on Saturday night in Denver Colorado. Everything they did worked, Defense was physical, punishing, and yet restrained not drawing many penalties. The offense was firing on all cylinders and overwhelmed Mammoth goaltender Dillan Ward. And the transition was crisp and scooped lots of loose balls and caused a lot of turnovers. All combined this for a 13 to 4 win for the San Diego Seals.

The first quarter started off slow with nearly 8 minutes of back and forth with nobody scoring. Then at the 7:39 minute mark Eli McLaughlin (1 goal 2 assists) put one past Seals goaltender Frank Scigliano (33 saves). Four Minutes later Tre Leclaire(3 goals 2 assists) fired a shot past Mammoth Goaltender Ward (32 saves). Then 15 seconds later, Not to be outdone Wes Berg (2 goals,3 assists) unloaded on a precision pass by Mac O’Keefe(1 goal,2 assists). Followed by another score by Tre Leclaire before the end of the 1st Quarter. Bringing the Seals ahead 3 to 1.

The Second Quarter Started off much the same, with Dane Dobbie(3 goals, 1 assist) scoring. The Mammoth tried to put an end to the Seals run and start one themselfs by scoring themselves as Connor Robinson (2 goals, 1 assist) put one past Frank the Tank but it was short lived when the officials called the next score back for a crease violation. Tre Leclaire put up his 3rd goal of the night on an outlet pass and dish in transition. Jeremy Noble then finished off the 2nd Quarter with a score of his own as Ward was caught outside of the crease. Score at the end of the 2nd Seals 6, Mammoth 2

The Third Quarter the floodgates were still open. And Cam Holding (1 goal1 assist) scored on a breakaway. And after a penalty to the Seals, Dane Dobbie put in his second goal shorthanded with an amazing behind the back, no look laser of a shot. At the End of the 3rd quarter Connor Robinson ended on a high note for the Mammoth with 1 second left Dishing one past Frank the tank. Score at the end of the 3rd Seals 8 Mammoth 3.

The Fourth Quarter things started to get chippy. And the mammoth once again got a Score called back for a crease Violation, which brought out the boo birds in the Loudhouse, But for the Seals on the road that was the sound of the Dinner bell and the Seals were still hungry for more goals. Mac O’keefe scored on a short-handed goal, and Jeremy Noble Scored 2 minutes later on his former team. Wes Berg who all game was blasted by cross checks, decided to put up his second score of the game, and Mammoths Ward who was so shell shocked he was pulled from the game, bringing in Tyler Carlson, to try and stop the bleeding. Mammoth’s Ryan Lee (1goal 1 assist) scored on a power play for the final score of the night for the Mammoth. Dane Dobbie again scored crossing over the middle on a no-look behind the back shot against new goaltender Tyler Carlson. Seals Drew Belgrave(1 goal) finished off the scoring for the night by dumping an empty net score with less than 2 minutes left. Final score Seals 13 Mammoth 4

The Seals dominated in every aspect of this game Scoring 13 goals,49 shots, 60 Loose balls , 33 Saves, 12 caused turnovers, 17 Assists, Putting up a team combined 31 points. The Seals finally shook off the rust of not playing for over 600 days.  My Stars of the Game are Tre Leclaire With 3 goals, 2 assists, and 6 loose balls. Dane Dobbie With 3 goals, 1 assist, 2 loose balls.  Jeremy Noble with 2 goals, 4 assists, 2 loose balls, and on defense I have Cam Holding 1 goal 1 assist, 8 loose balls, 2 caused turnovers, And Frank Scigliano with 33 saves.

The Seals put every team in the league on notice that Splash Diego is in the hunt for a Championship.

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