Chargers: Breaking Down The Bolts Opponents In 2012

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The Chargers are playing mediocre so far this preseason even though they placed a beat down on the Green Bay Packers 21 -13 and Dallas Cowboys 28 to 20. The Chargers defense came off firing forcing fumbles left and right. The offense looked sloppy because of the Rivers interception and  the missed 35 yard field gold by Nick Novak. Rivers again threw two more interceptions. Against Dallas,  the Chargers second team out played the first team squad.

Ryan Mathews broke his clavicle and had surgery the next day. Mathews has gone to the media stating he will be back by the time opening day rolls around. Today, Dr. Neil Ghodadra’s a noted orthopedic surgeon said the average comeback time for an NFL veteran with clavicle surgery is around 9 weeks. The reason is to many veterans try and play before they are held and have major setbacks. To read our story on the incident please (click here.) If this is true the first game back for Ryan Mathews will be in New Orleans against the New Orleans Saints in week 5.

Against the Dallas Cowboys our top receiver Vincent Brown had one hell of a touchdown catch and unfortunately ended up in a broken ankle. Brown is suppost to have surgery on sunday according to team sources. Brown will be gone for at least eight weeks and five games. He could possibly come back from injury around the New Orleans game.  He will then have to recover and attend rehab. The injury is possibly a season ending injury.

Other Chargers news today that will shuffle up the season according to (

Garrett Brown of the San Diego Chargers has been suspended without pay for the team’s first four games of the 2012 regular season for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances. Brown will be eligible to return to the Chargers’ active roster on Monday, October 1 following the team’s September 30 game against the Kansas City Chiefs.Brown is eligible to participate in all preseason practices and games.

SDSports Domination Predictions 2012 Charger Season.

Position Staffer Prediction
CEO/Founder DavidSDSU 12 – 4
Senior Editor EricAnderson1k94 Prediction
Staff Writer NRob123 Prediction
Staff Writer sjs45 Prediction

2012 San Diego Chargers Regular Season Schedule

The Schedule has been broken down to show the 2011 NFL rankings in passing, rushing, passing defense, and rush defense. We want to give fans a look at the schedule and which teams will be harder to beat than others. Taking a look at the San Diego Chargers schedule  New Orleans, Pittsburg and the New York Jets will be the hardest teams the Chargers play.

Week Team Home/Away Pass YPG Rush YPG Pass Def Run Def
1 Oakland  Away 11th 7th 29th 27th
2 Tennessee Home 12th 31st 18th 24th
3 Atlanta Home 8th 17th 12th 6th
4 Kansas City Away 25th 15th 11th 26th
5 New Orleans  Away 1st 6th 24th 12th
6 Denver Home 31st 1st 20th 22nd
8 Cleveland Away 24th 28th 10th 30th
9 Kansas City Home 25th 15th 11th 26th
10 Tampa Bay Away 16th 30th 30th 32nd
11 Denver Away 31st  1st 20th 22nd
12 Baltimore Home 19th 10th 3rd 2nd
13 Cincinnati Home 20th 19th 7th 10th
14 Pittsburg Away 10th 14th 1st 8th
15 Carolina Home 13th 3rd 28th 25th
16 N.Y. Jets Away 21st 22nd 5th 13th
17 Oakland Home 11th 7th 29th 27th
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