SDSU Football: SDSU Wins 2012 Poinsettia Bowl (Prediction)

If you would like to read our game preview between San Diego State and BYU please click on this link. This write-up is a prediction based on statistical data. We are not professional odds makers we are fans of the game. If you take our advice you take it at your own risk. The prediction below is going to end up being a lot closer than we predict. This game will be hard-fought but if BYU turns the ball over it has potential to be high scoring. SDSU enters the game as the better team (32nd).


Team Total Offense Pass OFF
Rush OFF Pass Def Run Def
SDSU 58th 102nd 16th 57th  37th
BYU 57th 51st 63rd 13th  3rd

The following table includes statistics from the 2012  NCAA Football season’s for both San Diego State University. We took the score, first downs, rushing touchdowns,passing touchdowns and divided each category by 12 (both teams have played 12 games). The rushing and passing yards below on the chart are the yards averaged by each team per game this season.

Score 38 29
Total Yards 408 408
1st Downs 22 23
Rushing Yards 229 161
Rush TD 3 2
Passing Yards 179 247
Pass TD 1 2
Turnovers 1.6 1.8

3 Things Both San Diego State and BYU have In common. 

The following graph provides more information that San Diego State will beat BYU by at least one touchdown. San Diego State and BYU have three things in common from the regular season those three things are games played against the same opponent. The graph below is the average stats from San Diego State and from BYU in regards to the three games both teams have in common.

SDSU Record 2-1:
San Jose State: Loss (21 to 29)
Hawaii: Win (52 to 14)
Boise State: Win (21 to 19)

BYU Record 1-2:
San Jose State: Loss (14 to 20)
Hawaii: Win (47 to 0)
Boise State: Loss (6 to 7)

Score 34 22.3
Total Yards 388.3 387.3
1st Downs 23.3 22.3
Rushing Yards 209.7 207.3
Rush TD 2.6 2.3
Passing Yards 178.6 180
Pass TD 1.3 1
Turnovers 1 4

Rushing Breakdown 

The following chart pits the best running back from San Diego State University (Adam Muema) against the best running back from BYU (Jamaal Jefferson). The better running back is San Diego State’s Adam Muema.


Adam Muema National Rank: 17th


Jamaal Jefferson Nation Rank: Tied for 117th

Team Carries YPC Yards TD
SDSU 211 6.4 1355 16
BYU 151 4.9 744 11

Passing Breakdown

The following chart pits the starting quarterback from San Diego State University (Adam Dingwell) against the starting quarterback from BYU (Riley Nelson). The better quarterback is BYU’s Riley Nelson


Adam Dingwell National Ranking: Not Ranked


Riley Nelson National Ranking: Not Ranked

Team Att/Comp/Int YPP Yards TD
SDSU 71/115/4 11.2 795 8
BYU 181/306/12 11.1 2011 13

Receiving Breakdown

The following chart pits the best tight end and wide receiver from San Diego State University (Gavin Escobar and Brice Butler) against the best tight end and wide receiver from BYU (Friel Kaneakua and Cody Hoffman). San Diego State has the better Tight End (Gavin Escobar) BYU has the better wide receiver (Cody Hoffman).


Gavin Escober National Ranking: 201st

Brice Butler National Ranking: 325th


Friel Kaneakua National Ranking: 387th

Cody Hoffman National Ranking: 20th

Team Receptions YPC Yards TD
SDSU 64 13.5 862 10
BYU 120 12 1,442 16

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