SDSU Basketball: 2013 Recruiting Class

SDSU vs. UNLV Men's Basketball. Photo Credit CEO David Frerker

San Diego State is coming off one of the best postseason run’s in San Diego State Basketball history. The Aztecs will lose five players this season and will have five scholarships open. The Aztecs could possibly have six scholarships open should LaBradford Franklin decide to transfer. Point Guard LaBradford Franklin is currently behind star pg Xavier Thames and Winston Shepard in the Aztecs rotation. At the moment the San Diego State Aztecs have filled four of the five open scholarships so far.

SDSU vs. UNLV Men's Basketball.  Photo Credit CEO David Frerker

SDSU vs. UNLV Men’s Basketball.
Photo Credit CEO David Frerker

2013 Transfers:

Josh Davis (Tulane): Averaged 17.6 points and 10.7 rebounds good enough for 16 double-doubles to lead Conference USA. To read our bio (please click).

Angelo Chol (Arizona): Chol averaged 1.9 points in 28 games while receiving 8.5 minutes per game. To read our bio (please click).

2013 Commits:

D’Erryl Williams (Sheldon High School): To read our bio (please click).

Dakari Allen (Sheldon High School): To read our bio (please click).

Possible Transfers: 

The Aztecs are now on a quest to fill those open spots on the 2013/14 team. Names that have been released to us by sources are that freshman point guards L.J. Rose (Baylor) and Anrio Adams (Kansas) are looking at San Diego State. Both Rose and Adams have been given permission by their universities to transfer.

Originally, Anrio Adams planned to visit five schools only four of which are known: San Diego State, Boise State, USC and Washington. Adams was scheduled to visit San Diego State on Saturday June 1st. Anrio Adams is no longer being recruited by San Diego State. He has canceled his visit to San Diego State and has taken SDSU off the list of schools in which he intends to transfer.

With news that Adams is no longer being recruited to SDSU the Aztecs are now recruiting Baylor transfer L.J. Rose. Rose appeared in 33 games as a freshman for NIT champion Baylor but averaged only 7.5 minutes. Rose averaged 0.9 points and 0.6 rebounds last season. Due to Rose’s lack of playing time I was unable to find any video footage of him. Below are two videos of Rose from his high school days.

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7 Comments on SDSU Basketball: 2013 Recruiting Class

  1. A Sig Aztec // May 30, 2013 at 9:17 pm // Reply

    What do you guys think about the coming year for Johnson, Polee, and Shrigley?

    • Matt Shrigley is the best shooter on the team hands down. We have spoken to many of this years team who are graduating and believe that if Shrigley has a good summer we could see him in the starting rotation. Dwayne Polee has been named to the starting rotation by many ESPN, NBC and CBS NCAA basketball writers. I believe that it’s way to early to start making the starting line up. Polee will be the go to guy on the roster to make the acrobatic dunks that Franklin would have made to power the team. Johnson has great potential for next season with his height and needs to become quicker. When he play’s it looks like his feet are tied down with weights.

      The eight man rotation looks like this: Thames, Spencer, Shrigley, Davis, O’Brien, Polee, Shapard and Allen.
      The three guys who would get the least playing time are: Williams, Johnson and LB3 if he stays at SDSU. Leaving SDSU with one more scholarship to use and I assume it will go to the kid from Baylor. Last but not least Chol will be sitting out this season. I will elaborate more in my article next week on the possible rotations for the Aztecs next season.

    • A Sig Aztec // May 31, 2013 at 2:24 am // Reply

      What about Williams? I was kinda envisioning a Williams-Allen tandem kinda like Tapley-Thames.

      • I agree with you on that one. They will make a great combo. Williams is the first true point guard backup that the Aztecs have had in a long time. Allen was the best defender on the west coast and one of the best in the US. I would love to see hima, Shrigley, Spencer. Williams and Polee play.

  2. A Sig Aztec // May 31, 2013 at 10:37 am // Reply

    Any thoughts out there on any yet unannounced non-conference games? Any of the big boys from Cali (UCLA, CAL,USC, LBSU)? At this point, I see USD as the biggest threat to our California streak if they can sneak in there early while we’re getting our footing. I think we are tied with “Cuse for the longest record of this sort. Then we have Fresno, and Bakersfield, UCSD. Man, I’d love to see a yearly series develop with SDSU and UCLA.

    • I can elaborate more after I get off of work from the PR Firm. A the moment we are playing USC since we have a home and away co tract with them. I will look into the other schools.

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