Breaking Down San Diego State’s 2014/2015 MW Schedule

Mandatory Photo Credit: Tony Amat
Mandatory Photo Credit: Tony Amat

Mandatory Photo Credit: Tony Amat

The 2014/2015 San Diego State University Men’s Mountain West Conference schedule was released to the public yesterday evening. After spending a night mauling over the schedule it is time to breakdown the schedule and share my thoughts with the world.

1st Major Issue: San Diego State Students who are the heart and life of the student group known as the show are on Winter vacation from December 18th 2014 to January 21st 2015. Now lets take a look at the home games scheduled for San Diego State’s Winter Vacation. New Year’s Eve the San Diego State Aztecs will open Mountain West Conference play against the Air Force Academy.

Wednesday January 7th 2015 the San Diego State Aztecs will play one of their conference rivals the University of New Mexico Lobos. Does anyone see a major problem with scheduling this game when the students are not in San Diego? San Diego State has also scheduled conference rival University of Nevada Las Vegas during the winter break. I don’t have any issues with the scheduling of the UNLVgame since that game has been scheduled for January 17th 2015 and most of the students will be back in San Diego. 

2nd Major Issue: San Diego State will play every single Mountain West Conference game this season on National Television or streamed online. The breakdown of channels is as follows: CBS Sports Network (11 games), ESPN 3 (2 games etched in stone with the possibly of acquiring 2 more games for a total of 4 games), ESPN U (1 game etched in stone with the possibly of acquiring 2 more games for a total of 3 games) and finally ESPN 2 (1 game etched in stone with the possibility of acquiring 1 more game for a total of 2 games).  For those who live in San Diego and have Time Warner Cable you will not get to watch 14 of the games. Time Warner Subscribers do not have CBS Sports Network, ESPN 3 or ESPN U unless you have purchased the expensive all-inclusive sports package. San Diego I hope you have your season tickets ready to go! 

In terms of television I David Frerker a loyal San Diego State Basketball fan feels like we got screwed big time. This season San Diego State will  have 7 games televised nationally on the ESPN networks down from a total of 10 games on the ESPN Networks last season. San Diego State finished the 2013/2014 NCAA Basketball season as one of the 16 best team’s in America. As documented in our first basketball article for next season Are you ready for San Diego State BasketballSan Diego State ranked as high as the 9th and 13th best team in America heading into the preseason polls.

Those are my two biggest issues heading into the 2014/2015 season. I love the schedule and truly believe that San Diego State could become the first team in Mountain West Conference History to finish the MWC season undefeated. The hardest games for San Diego State are normally: at Wyoming, at Colorado State and at Air Force. This season the Aztecs will play the hardest part of the schedule within the first month of the conference season. The Aztecs will have a full week to prepare for the game at Wyoming. The Aztecs will then head home to face UNLV and then will have the hardest week of travel in my opinion of the season. The following week the Aztecs will play at. Air Force and at. Colorado State. San Diego State will not have to travel to Utah State this season as they will only play Utah State at home. This happened last year when the Aztecs had to play at Wyoming and then did not get to face Wyoming at home. The Aztecs will also travel to Nevada this year after only playing Nevada at home. 



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3 Comments on Breaking Down San Diego State’s 2014/2015 MW Schedule

  1. Kevin Fennell // July 30, 2014 at 11:33 am // Reply

    I think you would be surprised how many SDSU students are also from San Diego (or a least near by like Los Angeles). With this much hype about the upcoming season, I think The Show will have no problem being in full force during winter break.

    • I agree. My contacts believe this may be better for San Diego State as the students who look to profit on selling student tickets will not be in San Diego…. I would be willing to bet some students will schedule trips back to San Diego for this game! Thanks for the interesting comment!

  2. Time Warner DOES have CBS Sports (415) and ESPN U (400). ESPN 3 broadcasts games over the Internet, it is not a a cable channel. SDSU does not schedule their conference games. They, like all the other teams in the conference, receive their conference schedule from the MWC. The same number of games were on TV last year. If you are suggesting that SDSU will have anything less than a substantial home court advantage you are mistaken.

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